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Graduate School Commencement

Review of Degree Requirements

This invitation to commencement is issued to each applicant for graduation on the presumption that all the requirements have been or will have been met. It does not mean that every applicant will in fact qualify to graduate.

Applicants who do not qualify for graduation in any term are so advised by the Graduate School.

Specifically, the process is as follows: When a student applies for graduation, the student's record is carefully reviewed with regard to the program requirements. In most cases all requirements have been duly met, but occasionally the review reveals problems that preclude graduation. In such a case, the Graduate School advises the applicant in writing of the nature of the problems. Graduate students are encouraged to run a degree progress report in MyNIU and to contact their academic adviser if they have any deficiencies. If a degree progress report is not available, graduate students are encouraged to contact their academic adviser to determine if there are problems that need to be resolved.  If any such problems cannot be resolved in a timely fashion, the student may not be eligible to graduate until the end of a subsequent term.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, students who have chosen not to release directory information to public disclosure will not have their names appear in the Commencement Program.