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Graduate School Commencement




Arrangements for Persons with Disabilities

Graduates with special needs

If you did not indicate your needs on the On Line Reply/RSVP Form, please email us at commencement@niu.edu.

Guests with special needs

All commencement tickets are general admission. The Convocation Center has ample seating space for those in wheelchairs. One family member will be able to sit next to the guest in a wheelchair, while the rest of the family will be able to sit in the rows just in front of this area. Guests will be responsible to bring any special equipment (wheelchair, walker, etc.) they may need.

The Convocation Center is an arena where all the seating (except for ADA) is accessed via at least one step. To aid in understanding the setup of this venue, please consult the West End Stage seating info.

Special Needs Parking

Permanent spaces are designated for persons with disabilities. If you have a person that would like to be dropped off near the entrances, please let the parkers know as you enter the drive of the Convocation Center. They will then direct you.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Guests or Graduates

A sign language interpreter will be standing on the North/front corner of the stage.